DPS & Microchip Curiosity HPC Development Board

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Microchip and DPS are offering you the chance to win a Curiosity HPC Development Board (DM164136). Curiosity HPC is the perfect platform to harness the power of modern 8-bit PIC® Microcontrollers. Its layout and external connections offer unparalleled access to the Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) available on many newer 8-bit PIC MCUs. These CIPs enable the user to integrate various system functions onto a single MCU, simplifying the design and keeping system power consumption and BOM cost low.

This board provides flexibility for experimentation through an application header with ground (GND) and supply voltage (VDD) connections. It also includes a set of indication LEDs, push button switches, and a variable potentiometer. Additionally, it features two mikroBUS™ headers to accommodate a variety of plug-in Click™ Boards that can be used in application development. All connections to the mikroBUS headers, LEDs, switches and potentiometer are labelled with the microcontroller port name for ease of programming. The full pin breakout of the microcontroller is provided to expand the flexibility of the Curiosity HPC Development Board.

Curiosity HPC is fully compatible with MPLAB® Code Configurator and MPLAB® X v3.05 or later.

The Curiosity HPC Development Board accommodates 40- and 28-pin 8-bit microcontrollers. The PIC16F18875 is initially connected to the following components:

  • Push Button (S1)
  • Push Button (S2)
  • Potentiometer
  • Reset Button
  • mikroBUS™ Header 1
  • mikroBUS™ Header 2

* Terms and Conditions: Only one entry per person allowed. This offer may be withdrawn without prior notice. All winners will be notified in writing and by e-mail. No alternative prize will be offered. The selection of the prize winner will be made by the appointed Microchip representative.

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