New PIC® and AVR® MCUs

The Backbone of Embedded Design

8-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) have been cornerstones of embedded design for almost 50 years, and their adoption continues to increase every year. As electronic devices become increasingly complex and more connected, Microchip’s PIC and AVR MCU portfolio has evolved to suit a wide variety of system needs.


Below is our recently introduced offering of high-performance, power-efficient PIC and AVR MCUs.  Click “Learn More” to explore the capabilities of these exciting MCU families.

AVR DD Family

Designed for Multi-Voltage Analog Applications

The AVR DD family builds upon the low-power performance of the AVR architecture with a world-class selection of Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) and a fully loaded intelligent analog portfolio, giving you the freedom to innovate with your designs.

PIC16F18076 Family

Feature-Rich, Small-Form-Factor MCUs

This family contains a robust suite of digital and analog peripherals that enable cost-sensitive sensor and real-time control applications.

PIC16F17146 Family

PIC MCUs for Analog Sensing

This family of MCUs is packed full of peripherals to enable analog sensor applications at low cost.

PIC18 Q71 Family

MCUs for Sensor Interfacing Designs

Take advantage of two highly configurable op amps and a rich set of Core Independent Peripherals to implement real-time control functionality in a variety of industrial control, home appliance, automotive, Internet of Things (IoT) and other applications.

PIC16F18146 Family

Cost-Effective Sensor Fusion MCUs

This microcontroller family is for cost-effective sensor-node applications. These devices simplify the connection of many kinds of sensors to more complex systems.

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