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20% Discount Off the AVR-DA Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit

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About the AVR-DA Family

The Functional Safety Ready AVR-DA family is the new generation of AVR microcontrollers running up to 24 MHz across the full supply voltage range 1.8V to 5.5V featuring intelligent analog and core independent peripherals. Key features include:

  • Product certifications made easier with Functional Safety supporting documentation and development tools.
  • Add IoT and connectivity to your application thanks to the high memory densities and SRAM-to-Flash ratio.
  • Design robust and noise-immune applications with built-in safety features and 5V supply.
  • Create state-of-the-art capacitive touch interfaces using the latest-generation PTC
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https://page.microchip.com/rs/931-UDE-464/images/AVR128DA Curiosity Nano Board %28LP image%29.jpg

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