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IoT Made Easy: Low Power Sensor to Cloud Training

Register today for four live webinars that feature six Microchip experts sharing their knowledge about IoT system design from the sensor to the cloud. These webinars will be held between 2nd and 11th March 2021, and will also give you the chance to ask questions to help you overcome your design challenges.

The webinar program is:

Tuesday 2nd March, 11:00 CET: Designing Power Efficient Solutions For Your IoT Sensor

IoT demands a lot from sensors. Engineers need to add more functionality from data security to sensing of additional environmental characteristics. Increasingly artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) must be supported. All of this increases the demand for power at a time when sensor battery life also needs to be extended. Find out how to optimise the design of your sensors to minimise power consumption right down to the last µA.

Thursday 4th March, 11:00 CET: Connectivity Made Easy For Your IoT Sensor

Communication is one of the biggest challenges in sensor design. Make the wrong decision and you might have problems navigating the many dynamic regulations in the world; fighting lack of scalability and agility of the technology you chose; exceeding power budgets or space limitations; failing to ensure communications security or building-in costs that make your product uncompetitive. Find out the right way to pick the best communications technology for your IoT sensors.

Tuesday 9th March, 11:00 CET: Security

Cyber Security is not a choice! New regulations like EN 303-645 are making security essential around the world. There are many myths on how best to secure your data. Attend this webinar to be updated on the latest regulations and the best way to approach Cyber Security in a low power design from sensor to the Cloud.

Thursday 11th March, 11:00 CET: IoT Design Quick Start With No Compromises

This webinar explains how to start developing complex IoT designs quickly and easily. This session will consider the robust and comprehensive support package including tools, software, services and IoT enabled reference boards. It will explain how you can easily build your proof of concept and move to an industrialised product without compromise and with low risk.
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