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Hello FPGA Kit

In this video Avery Williams, a Microchip technical marketing engineer, demonstrates the easy-to-use Hello FPGA kit. The kit is designed to enable users with limited experience to make the transition to the FPGA world and take advantage of this important technology.

The Hello FPGA kit includes Image Processing, Digital Signal Processing and Artificial Intelligence demos. This video shows a FIR filter, real-time compression of video to a lower resolution and a convolutional neural network that can recognise digits from 0 to 9. The video also shows how power consumption can be measured in real time as the demos run. For more information visit our Hello FPGA Kit page.

Win a Hello FPGA Kit


Enter your details below for a chance to win a Hello FPGA kit (M2S-HELLO-FPGA-KIT), the compact-sized, entry-level platform that lets users with low to medium FPGA knowledge develop their expertise quickly. Click here for terms and conditions.